Schedule: Tuesdays- 8:00 pM ET

Thursday- 8:00 PM ET

Saturday- Flyboy- 8:00 PM ET

Sunday- 8:00 PM ET

Creating a tournament for EVERYONE.

What does the Flyboy mean to ME.

The creation of the flyboy

'"I started this tournament because 2v2 is Rocket League's MOST popular playlist and it's shown no love with or by tournaments. Any tournament you see is either pros or the Highest level of players being invited from tournament organizers. I didn't want that, I wanted something democratized, I wanted something where anybody could show up and show their stuff with prizes from the community on the line. "

This is the peoples tournament.

Do you have the drive to become a FlyBoy Champion?

When is the tournament?

The FlyBoy tournament is hosted every Saturday and hosted live on twitch.

Do I have to be a specific rank to join?

No! The tournament is open to everyone at any rank! So come test out your skills!

How do I join the tournament?

You will get the details to join on Saturday, live on stream. Tournaments are ran and operated through Psyonix tournament creator.

Where do I contact you for business inquiries?

Feel free to contact me through my email listed, or through my Discord!

Buisness Inquiries

Your tournament career starts HERE.

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